In 1991, Rebecca's life would radically change. Both she and her husband Michael would begin a period of intense spiritual experiences, accompanied by ceaseless creative outpourings in art, "inspired writings" and music.

This period, which Rebecca told the world was "a Sabbatical", brought to an end any "conventional" involvement with the world. The couple closed their public relations business saying: "God will provide..." God provided.

Living together in a small townhouse in the middle of  congested, affluent, sophisticated Cherry Hill was not a conflict, for the home became a retreat, a quiet, peaceful, almost monastic habitat where work and Spirit coincided.

Rebecca always saw the interconnectedness between her art and Michael's books and music. Six of nine books were self-published with pencil illustrations by her. She wrote the Introduction to the series.

A sampling of pencil sketches from the first six Cerithous books are shown here.