If I recall correctly, my parents might have had the conference with my second grade teacher about my day-dreaming in class. Or perhaps, it was just a usual parent-teacher conference and time has blurred my memory; but the significance of that meeting was in the first urgings by an educator that my artistic talents be formally trained.

As a result, my childhood was marked by a series of art schools and teachers, student art shows, awards, getting special privileges such as leaving class to work on art, or leaving school early to see my work displayed in a show.

A scholarship student at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, I attended for about a year and a half until I realized that I had to unlearn all that I had learned over the years. I felt I was "over educated." My art, though appealing to others, was becoming in fact not an expression of me, but rather what appealed to the viewers.
Certainly those with psychic ability (moi included) learn very early that such things are not discussed with certain people. In fact I feel that I have forgotten a great deal of what I knew as a child because of the years of suppressing (What? ESP or reincarnation?). Oh yes, I forgot reincarnation is verboten also.

I do know that as a very young child I could “see” other people, other dimensions living, talking doing things, dressed in clothes of other centuries at the same time as I existed with my people, our talk, our times. The only thing that seemed curious to me was that we were able to exist in the same time and space and not disturb one another ... not infringe on one another, and pursue our own courses relatively unaware of one another. It was only when I was older did I become aware that Einstein had a theory that was what I already thought to be a fact – didn’t everyone already know about the other people, the other dimension? I guess not if that’s what added to Einstein’s fame.

From the book Dreamscapes, thirty-six eCards combining the watercolours of Rebecca Bucci with excerpts from The Cerithous Material by Michael T. Bucci - a collaborative work of their spiritual partnership.
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